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Watch Precious Kids Explain Oscar-Nominated Movies They've Never Seen

So adorable.

Of the eight nominees for Best Picture Oscars, five of them are rated R. Clearly, the Academy isn't thinking about children when they nominate movies, and kids aren't really thinking of films like The Revenant or The Big Short at all.

That's why it's so hilarious when you combine those two worlds.

Fandago's Reel Kids host Dan Perrault asked a group of kids what the plot of Oscar-nominated movies like Brooklyn or The Martian were about based on title alone.

In the clip, the kids hypothesize -- with complete confidence -- that The Big Short is about a fight between people of different heights (which it is, sort of), and The Revenant is about an elephant that loves half rhymes.

One little boy, without seeing the movie, gets the plot of The Martian *exactly* right, too -- well, until he's asked who stars in it...

Watch the full video below.

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