You're Welcome: This Sadie Saxton Awkward Mashup Will Fill You With Gratitude

See the HBIC repeatedly (and hilariously) utter her classic catchphrase.

Say what you will about Sadie Saxton, but there’s no denying she’s among Palos Hills’ most gracious.

For five Awkward seasons, PHHS’ queen bee has declared a war of words on her classmates -- she’s issued labels like “fugly slunt” at random, routinely encouraged Jenna Hamilton to kill herself and once assured a religious friend, “Remember, God sold out his only son to die on a stick.” Still, Sadie has somehow managed to soften her most vitriolic blows with the help of two words she could likely trademark: You’re welcome.

Yup, while Stephanie Tanner got her kicks observing “How rude!” and Steve Urkel could only seem to ask “Did I do that?” ad nauseam, Sadie’s punctuated each of her soul-shattering tell-offs with expert refinement. Sure, the sentiments she has shared might have sent her victims off cliffs, but with “You’re welcome,” she afforded them the luxury of figurative parachutes. And maybe they’ve been replete with holes, but nobody accused Sadie of being a saint…

Before Awkward jumps ahead a year and thrusts Sadie and her pals into the summer after freshman year of college, we decided to take a look back at the beloved villain’s finest illustrations of grace. Whether New York City changes Sadie for the good, bad or ugly, we can only hope her tradition of insults-with-polish survives an East Coast lifestyle.

Watch the gratitude master at work, below, and hang tight for brand-new Awkward episodes, which will kick off March 15 at 10/9c!