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Zayn Looks Exactly Like A Classic Hollywood Star In The 'It's You' Video

The Mind of Mine ballad gets its own moody visuals.

Zayn has released the video to his new single “It’s You” and it couldn’t be more different than “Pillowtalk."

The studio version of the latest Mind of Mine single got its own dramatic black-and-white visuals that make Zayn look like the star of an old-school Hollywood movie like Casablanca.

“It’s You” sees Zayn sitting moodily by a piano, Zayn looking moodily out of a window, Zayn waiting moodily at a bar. The girl of his dreams strolls by him in slow motion — and (uh oh) this time she’s not played by Gigi Hadid.

The ballad’s video got an exclusive release through Apple Music, so you’ll have to open up iTunes to watch it for now. Hear the studio version of the track below.