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Oh, Good! There's A 'Damn Daniel' Remix Now

No, really! I'm actually excited about it!

Hey! Have you seen this, like, supercut video where a dude with a funny voice celebrates his friend's outfit every day? At one point, he calls out his shoes? It's lol.

OF COURSE YOU HAVE. "Damn Daniel" has been EVERYWHERE this week. Even on Ellen! And today -- as happens with many memes -- we've hit the "Remix" portion of its evolution. Just in time for your weekend turn up!

Why should you care? Well, first of all, this beat is unexpectedly fuego. ?????

But also, IDK????? This isn't about you! It's about ME. And my strange obsession with memes that have been turned into jams.

Don't believe that this is a thing? Here. Let me show you how much useless Internet knowledge I keep in my brain instead of all those semesters of science I took in college!

  • Little Einsteins

    ORIGIN: The actual theme to the actual Disney Junior show, Little Einsteins.

    REMIXED BY: 886Beatz

    WHY I'M OBSESSED: This meme beat was so good, it WAS the meme.

  • A Potato Flew Around My Room

    ORIGIN: A Flipagram Vine posted by the adorable Viner pg bree singing Frank Ocean's "Thinkin Bout You" with the wrong lyrics (the original Vine has been deleted, but here it is ripped and uploaded on loop to Youtube).

    REMIXED BY: Rami Hawatmeh

    WHY I'M OBSESSED: It's a little annoying if you listen to this for the full 10 minutes, but LOOK HOW CUTE THAT LITTLE DANCING POTATO IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mail Kimp

    ORIGIN: Amidst the initial attention around NPR's successful first season of Serial, listeners latched on to a moment in the opening Mail Chimp ad where a young girl is unable to pronounce "Mail Chimp."

    REMIXED BY: kpffl

    WHY I'M OBSESSED: The original meme was cute. The remix is even cuter. And actually pretty catchy?

  • You Ain't Got The Answers, Sway

    ORIGIN: You know. That one time Kanye was on Shade 45 with Sway.

    REMIXED BY: Vindicalo

    WHY I'M OBSESSED: THIS. REMIX. GOES. SO. HARD. Honestly, I probably play this at least once a month. And have for the last two years...

  • Double Rainbow

    ORIGIN: YouTuber Yosemitebear62's passionate discovery of a double rainbow.

    REMIXED BY: schmoyoho

    WHY I'M OBSESSED: It's not quite a turn up jam like the others, but just listen to that beautiful melody. Inspirational.

  • Bacon Is Good For Me

    ORIGIN: This iconic moment from ABC's Wifeswap USA

    REMIXED BY: Hot Sugar

    WHY I'M OBSESSED: This is the one that started it all for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    BONUS! This is another remix that's p good.