MTV Suspect Sneak Peek: What's REALLY Behind Josh's Drastic Weight Loss?

His transformation has friends seriously concerned.

A young man from Ohio is rapidly losing weight and becoming a whole new person, but does his newfound appearance signal something other than a desire to slim down?

In the sneak peek from Wednesday's episode of MTV Suspect, below, Nev Schulman and iO Tillett Wright travel to Akron to meet with Alex and Luna, two young women who are more than a little concerned about the change in their pal Josh.

"In high school, he was really big, and he slimmed down a little bit toward senior year," Luna says, before revealing that his weight loss then became "drastic" in college.

Alex, meanwhile, is stunned by Josh's sudden aversion to food.

"He won't even take a French fry off my plate!" she exclaims.

That's not all: According to Luna, Josh is being "more private" about his life and, in the process, becoming suddenly secretive. Uh-oh.

So what's going on with Josh? And why is he really transforming his body? Watch the clip for more details and -- for the full story -- catch MTV Suspect Wednesday at 11/10c (right after Catfish)!

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