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Everything You Need To Know About Fifth Harmony's Next Album

Nicki Minaj? Max Martin? Tinashe? Tell me MORE.

How did you spend your winter break? Did you build a snowman? Drink some hot chocolate? Spill some tea? Watch Home Alone 2 on repeat?

Well, five of our favorite powerhouse singers spent the cold season gearing up for their next album release -- the highly anticipated 7/27. Fifth Harmony announced the title and its accompanying release date (May 20) on Instagram yesterday (February 25), so naturally we scoured the digital grounds in search of every piece of info we could find about 5H2 (because you're "worth it," Harmonizers).

After getting just a taste with "Work From Home," it looks as though the impact of 7/27 could be greater than the debut slayage of Reflection. So, let's line up the facts and fire off a prediction. Here's what we know.

  1. Nicki Minaj, J.Cole, Travi$ Scott, and Big Sean Are Other Possible Collaborators
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    Dinah Jane Hansen's interview with SPIN in October of 2015 was easily one of the biggest tell-alls for 5H2 facts, especially after naming these possible features.

    “We could totally hear [Nicki Minaj] on this one part,” Hansen said, revealing that Nicki's collaborations is one of the more likely to appear.

    Could this mean we'll be tasting more tracks with the same essence of "Worth It?" If the lead single is any indication -- most likely.

  2. Dinah Jane and Lauren are contributing songwriters on the record
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    Sure, it would be easy to speed dial the A-list songwriters Fifth Harmony has at their disposal and completely step aside, but where's the fun in that? Dinah Jane and Lauren may have taken a songwriting hiatus during the Reflection era, but they're back with vengeance for 7/27.

    Your faves better watch out.

  3. Max Martin Is Producing Six Tracks On The Album
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    Max Martin is the type of all-star producer to always have a full musical platter, and the pop mogul doesn't have time and effort to spare for just any artist.

    That said, six tracks is an exceptional amount to contribute to the girl group's new record. Not only that, but Stargate -- the production team that assembled "Worth It" (among many other iconic pop jams) -- has also allegedly contributed to 7/27.

  4. The Album's Title Comes From The Date 5H Was Created
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    To add another personal touch to the record, the 5H gals chose an album title that shouts out the day they were sewn together on the X Factor.

    And you can expect a lot more intimate characteristics like this, all throughout the record.

    “Our last album didn’t really showcase our vulnerable side," Normani Kordei told InStyle. "But it’s okay to cry and get caught up in your emotions—that’s what’s realistic.”

  5. Several Tracks Were Co-Written By Tinashe
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    All hands are most certainly on deck for 5H2, and Tinashe is the perfect choice to lend the gals the mainstream R&B sound they're looking for.

    “She has really sick melody flows and lyrics,” Lauren Jauregui told SPIN regarding Tinashe. “It’s very cohesive with us. It’s drawing from the same experience."

    One of the alleged tracks, "She's My Girl," was considered as the lead single and written while Tinashe was opening for Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour.

  6. "Work From Home" Was Originally Titled "Work" Until...
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    Rihanna and Drake stepped into the ring with "Work." My heart would stop beating if this happened to me, and it seems the girls of 5H would surprised as well. But they acted accordingly and carried on.

    "Our song was originally called 'Work' and when Rihanna dropped, it was like, 'Hell no, can't have the same song as the queen,'" they told Billboard. "So we put in 'from home,' just added two words."

  7. 7/27 Is More Mature, Personal, And Sonically Consistent
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    This is something that every artist wants, but often falls short of achieving. Fifth Harmony, however, has proven to be progressive right from the start and constantly showcases their evolution. They're quite confident that the upcoming record will allow their work to blossom that much more.

    "We've definitely matured and grown in the last year, compared to our Reflection album... We were included in the project -- that's what we always wanted and we've finally been given the opportunity," the girl group said, continuing with Billboard. "We're five different girls and we come from different cultures and backgrounds, and that explains our album 7/27."