This Is Why Men Should Leave The Toilet Seat Down

A PSA for men everywhere, from one of your own.

The toilet seat debate is likely as old as the toilet seat itself. Men need the seat up half of the time, women need the seat down 100% of the time -- and since men and women often live in the same home, this becomes a problem.

Only when a man is truly *woke* will he have the consideration to put that seat down. Sometimes, that knowledge is learned the hard way.

A man named Jay Allen shared his harrowing bathroom-related experience earlier this week, when he unsuspectingly did what men everywhere often do.

"I left the toilet seat up yesterday and at 2am this morning ... it finally happened," he said in the post. "To all the women in my life, past & present, I apologize ... Especially my grandma. I get it now."

He followed his admission with a hilarious set of hashtags, including #‎MyKneesHitMyChest,‬ ‪#‎FoldedLikeALawnChair‬, #‎ForSomeReasoniYelledWhoIsInHereAsIWasFalling‬, ‪‪#‎AllMyLifeIHadToFight, ‪#‎SoSoCold‬ ‪and others.

Someone also took Mr. Allen's poignant words surrounding his oh-so-moist fall and posted it on Imgur, where it got more than 400,000 views, while his own post on Facebook has been shared more than 34,000 times.

For good reason, too -- Women have been commenting on the post with words of support, stating that it's happened to them at work, at home, and while 9 months pregnant. ?

Read about Allen's experience in full below.