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This Is What The Oscars Red Carpet Looked Like In 2006

Heath + Michelle = perfection.

With the Oscars merely days away, we're preparing the only way we know how: with photos from past red carpets. We've already turned our attention to the satin- ridden carpet of the 1996 carpet, and now we're looking at 2006, where there was still some satin, but also some crepe and sequins, too.

Let's do this.

  • Keira Knightley
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    Who knew Keira Knightley was ever THIS blonde? Not me, for one.

  • Jennifer Garner
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    Jennifer Garner opted for sequins over satin — bless you, JG — which matched her very blingy engagement ring.

  • Jennifer Lopez
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    Petition for JLo to wear this color green on, like, 45% of the red carpets she attends? Cool. We agree.

  • Meryl Streep
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    Um, Meryl, this is weird but can I have, like, 10 bottles of water filled from the tap at your house? I want to stay young forever, too.

  • Vanessa Lachey
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    Does anyone know why Vanessa Lachey (or Vanessa Minnillo, as you knew her then) attended the 2006 Oscars? Actually, I don't need to know because she looked so effortlessly glam. It takes skill.

  • Helena Bonham Carter
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    This is, perhaps, the most ~classic~ Helena Bonham Carter has ever looked on a red carpet.

  • Ben Stiller
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    I've seen so much Zoolander 2 promotion recently that I forgot Ben Stiller could make, like, a normal face.

  • Jada Pinkett Smith
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    Jada Pinkett Smith proved that, yes, it is possible to pull off two tails at once. Also, that color = ?!!!

  • Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves
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    Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous in a fitted blue gown, but, um, I cannot get over that she was there with Keanu Reeves??? WHAT THE HELL???

  • Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams
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    The dress? Perfect. The lip color? Perfect. The couple? Perfect.

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