If You Say Your Name Is Beyoncé At Starbucks, Expect This To Happen

Unless you *actually are* Beyoncé, of course.

Thanks to her spectacular singing, show-stopping wardrobe, and defiance of gravity, just about everyone adores and admires Beyoncé. So, it totally makes sense that a lot of people want to be Beyoncé.

On February 15, Vine comedian JEWISHJEN was at her local Starbucks when the desire struck her to get in "Formation," if you will.

"Being the only person in line, I figured it was my moment to be all I can BE(yoncé)," Jen told Mashable in an email.

"Beyoncé was the first name that came to mind because she never leaves anyone's mind. Everyone wants to be Beyoncé. Me. You. Michelle Williams."

When Jen recieved her creamy coffee drink, however, her barista clearly had doubts about the validity of her status as Mrs. Carter, or any other Beyoncé for that matter.

Watch and enjoy the Vine below (unless you're the Miami Police Union, probably) to see how Jen's barista responded.

H/T Mashable