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It's Time To Find Your Oscar-Nominee Look-Alike, And This Website Will Help

Can I be Bradley Cooper? Please?

Bing's latest project is here to make you feel connected to Hollywood through your Oscar-nominated doppelgänger. The website CelebsLikeMe allows you to upload your own personal photo to be matched with four individual Oscar-nominated celebs, all ranked by a match-accuracy percentage.

Let's give this a shot using one of last year's nominees themselves. After all, what better way to test for accuracy than to aim for the highest match?

First up to bat, queen Meryl Streep steps up to the plate.

What a time to be alive. Technology is amazing.

According to the Bing Blog, the program is designed to match you with your twin by analyzing your facial structure, including characteristics such as jawline, eye spacing, and nose shape. Interestingly enough, the site doesn't factor in characteristics like hair length, color, gender, or race -- meaning you'll potentially have quite a variety of look-alikes.

So... who do I look like? Let me put on my game face.

OK... um, well, you give it a try.