Every Time Jacob Tremblay Was The King Of Awards Season

Invite Jacob to every show, please.

This post was updated on February 28, 2016.

If you’ve been keeping up with all the awards season hubbub, you have probably fallen in love with Jacob Tremblay, the very charming young star of Room. This is Tremblay’s first awards season and he is nailing it — when he’s not snapping pics with Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s gracing late-night TV with his masterful impressions.

Here’s a look back at the best moments on his road to the Oscars, which is, decidedly, a lot cuter than some other roads.

  1. When he was the politest presenter ever


    After Chris Rock brought out some extra height for Jacob and Abraham Attah, Jacob made sure to thank him with a personalized compliment. This kid, you guys.

  2. When he made sure he had a clear view of his Star Wars faves


    Oh, you thought BB-8 was going to be on stage and he wasn’t going to freak out? WRONG.

  3. When he promised to hit up a few after-parties

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    His bedtime may be 8 PM, but that’s not gonna stop him from attending a few Oscars after-parties.

  4. When he brought us behind the scenes of his arrival

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    Unlike most people, Jacob opted for a regular ol’ car than a limo for his arrival. Of course. A man of the people.

  5. When he met Lady Gaga

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    OMG, how small is he?????? Lady Gaga is 5″1″!!!

  6. When he met Jennifer Lawrence

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    He coined a nickname for himself to match hers: “J-Trem meets J-Law,” he captioned the photo. Yes. 100x yes.

  7. When he (finally!) met Leo

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    Proving he is all of us, Jacob wrote beneath this photo, “This just happened!!! I finally met #leonardodicaprio #sagawards.” Our time will come, y’all.

  8. When he went toe to toe with Sylvester Stallone

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    Or, like, tiny fist to chin. Same diff.

  9. When he met the rest of his faves

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    Ahhhhh he’s so happy. Now I’m so happy!!!!

  10. When he thanked Amy Schumer for tying his shoes

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    Jacob isn’t too proud to publicly thank Amy for helping him out with his laces — I appreciate his humility.

  11. When he showed off his Blue Steel impression

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    If Zoolander 3 is ever to become a reality, Jacob proved he could take over for Ben Stiller.

  12. When he celebrated Room’s Oscar noms like this

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    Nine going on…ninety?

  13. When his “Uptown Funk” choreography gave Bruno Mars a run for his money

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    Jacob, you’re cordially invited to every party I ever host.