Ellie Goulding Is Deliriously Magnetic In ‘Something In The Way You Move’ Vid

Watch Ellie take her electro-pop jam to the stage.

Life performance music videos are nothing new in the pop world. We’ve seen them before, with Taylor Swift’s “Red” and Backstreet Boys’ “The One,” for example, which use live concert footage to capture electric, arena-filling energy.

Now, Ellie Goulding has hopped on the trend with her new video for electro-pop single “Something In The Way You Move,” released Tuesday. The clip was shot during Ellie’s Delirium World Tour stop in Antwerp, Belgium earlier this month, which found her performing for a 19,000-strong crowd.

As strategically placed cameras capture every angle of the action, we see fans go wild for Ellie’s dynamic choreography and magnetic stage presence. The vid seesaws between black-and-white imagery and vibrant purple hues, and when the color starts bursting, the action really comes alive.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.