This Delivery Man Was Mistaken For A Stripper: Was It This Week's Greatest Party Story Ever?

He's bringin' sexyback.

A pizza delivery man got the thrill of a lifetime when a group of fun-loving females assumed he was a stripper, but was his tale of mistaken identity this week's Greatest Party Story Ever?

Tonight’s episode of the MTV series -- which features people re-telling their most hilarious tales of debauchery -- also included a pair of gals who found innovative ways to earn cash, a college prep who spent his 21st bday in the drunk tank and a guy who narrowly escaped jail in Guam.

So which was truly the Greatest Party Story Ever? Read on for our recaps of each -- then head to the comments to tell us which is your favorite. And be sure to keep watching GPSE every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

  • I Lost A Tooth

    After consuming way too much vodka at a weekend bash, Rob tried to impress a girl by opening a bottle of booze with his chompers. Too bad it was a screw-on cap -- not a cork -- and he lost a tooth in the process. He woke up the next day covered in penis drawings (don't ask) but rallied when he realized he'd gotten the pretty girl's phone number -- and they soon met up for breakfast. Score!

  • Pizza Boy Stripper

    What would you do if a roomful of hot chicks wanted you to take off your clothes? Our main man -- a brand-new pizza delivery boy -- happily obliged when the aforementioned gals assumed he was the stripper they'd hired to liven up their bachelorette party. Amid the strains of "Sexyback," he even hooked up with the bride-to-be -- until their tryst was interrupted by the real stripper's arrival. Exposed as a fake, pizza boy hightailed it back to work and promptly told coworkers his tale of lust -- but they weren't exactly impressed. Turns out, they often hooked up during deliveries too. (Hey, anyone know if Domino's is hiring?)

  • Guam Gone Wild

    When our fearless fear-filled protagonist realized he was at a drug dealer's soiree -- and it was being raided by police -- he frantically fled, hid in a dumpster, and cried like a baby while sucking his thumb. That's not all: After finally getting home, he "started going HAM" on a slew of snacks to help erase the memory of his perilous evening. No judgments here -- we'd need some comfort food after narrowly escaping a Guamanian jail cell too.

  • Topless for a Ride

    This gal stole borrowed her mom's car to carouse in Miami with her pal Bri, but their adventure came to a crashing halt (literally) when they rear-ended another auto. Repairs would cost $450, so how would the twosome come up with the cash? By using their best assets: Bri promptly won most of the money in a wet T-shirt contest, and the besties managed to get the car fixed in the nick of time. Best of all, Mom never even found out her car was damaged. Um, until now...

  • Prep In a Drunk Tank

    Taylor celebrated his 21st birthday by downing a few Raging Bulls, but the potent drink delivered a TKO: He later woke up, splitting headache and all, in the drunk tank. Luckily, a judge had pity on the college prep and set him free. Happy birthday, buddy!

  • Who Ordered The Gun?

    Lesson learned: When a deli screws up your delivery order, don't call and threaten to trash the joint. That's what one guy's pal did, and his obnoxious actions caused the deli owner to drop by with a firearm. Fortunately, our main dude's mom managed to diffuse the situation simply by scolding the weapon-toter. Seriously, who knew "You can't be having that gun in my house!" could be so effective?