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Wally Lashes Out At Barry In This Explosive Flash Exclusive Clip

Wally feels threatened by Barry, and honestly, we don't blame him.

Underlying tension reaches a boiling point in tonight's episode of The Flash when Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) comes to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) for help. However, the two speedsters haven't yet mastered the art of teamwork.

In this exclusive clip from the episode, which MTV News can debut exclusively, Wally lashes out at the Scarlet Speedster for taking control of his new engine design. "I didn't come here so that you could do it for me," Wally says. "I thought we were going to work on this together."

Of course, the root of Wally's anger actually lies in Barry's close, familial relationship with the Wests, something Wally himself missed out on. Apparently, everybody loves Barry -- except Wally.

"Wally sees Barry as this guy who got all of this love from Joe and Iris that he didn’t receive, and Wally doesn’t understand why they praise Barry so much," Lonsdale told MTV News earlier this month. "He doesn’t know Barry. He doesn’t know that he’s saving people every day of his life. So he doesn’t really trust him."

Here's hoping Barry and Wally can resolve their issues in a speedy manor before King Shark comes a-knocking.