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What Does The Word 'Fat' Mean To Someone With An Eating Disorder?

'I don't like that word.'

Cut Video is back with more powerful clips from their "One Word" web series, which asks participants to say what comes to mind whenever they hear a particular word. The latest two episodes, released Monday (February 22), feature people who've struggled with an eating disorder.

The first video, below, is all about binge-eating, which one woman described as a "lack of love -- self-love."

"I feel like my entire life I've been running away from 'fat'," one woman says in the second vid, which focuses on the word "fat."

"There are lots of good fats, and I don't think fat on your body is a bad thing," said another, "and I don't think fat in your food means fat on your body, but it's been used as hate speech."

One participant sums it up wonderfully: "I see a lot of mothers with their daughters saying, don't eat that or else you're going to get fat. It's like, is that really the one thing that you don't want your daughter to be?"

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