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Ariana Grande’s Third Album Likely Just Got A Brand New Title

Moonlight is gone. Something more 'dangerous' is here.

Goodbye, Moonlight. We hardly knew ye.

As Ariana Grande's long-awaited third album -- a.k.a. #AG3 -- gets ready for a proper release, it looks like the "Focus" singer has decided on another name for the project. What was once half-officially known as Moonlight is now very likely called Dangerous Woman, if we're to believe Ari's social media hints.

This week, Ari updated her Twitter and Instagram bios with the alleged title...


...and threw even more clues our way on her Snapchat (where her name is still "moonlightbae ?," just for the record):

Ariana Grande/Snapchat
Ariana Grande/Snapchat

It looks like "Moonlight" is still sticking around as a song title, perhaps even the first song on the album. Presumably, Dangerous Woman (if that's what it's indeed called) will also feature "Focus," which dropped last October -- and also "Be Alright," which Ari promised up in "10 days or less," approximately 43 days ago.

Of course, Ari still hasn't confirmed any of this. But we're putting our bets down now. Dangerous Woman is nearly upon us.