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Watch Jimmy Fallon Dramatically Sing Yahoo! Answers With Audra McDonald

The Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers return.

Jimmy Fallon has a rarely-heard musical side project with Broadway singer Audra McDonald called the Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers, and last night (February 22), the duo returned to the stage on The Tonight Show to answer the Internet’s most burning questions with perfect vibrato.

The six-time Tony Award winner was greeted with a standing ovation when she took the stage on the show. She deserved it, too; as soon as Fallon sat down at the piano, she wowed the crowd with her time-tested Broadway voice -- while answering questions like, “Is the video game character Mario based on a real person?” and, “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?"

Those are both great questions, and McDonald has answers thanks to the Yahoo! community’s sharpest minds. Watch her share their wisdom below.