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A Barista Went Above And Beyond To Help A Deaf Customer

This is the sweetest thing ever.

Sometimes it's the little things people do that make the most impact.

On Friday, Leesburg, Virginia resident Ibby Piracha wrote about his experience ordering from his local Starbucks that day. This time, Piracha, a deaf man, was surprised to be handed a note from the barista he sees three times a week.

"Oh, I gotta love this place," Piracha starts on his Facebook post. Piracha says barista handed him a note that said "I've been learning [American Sign Language] just so you can have the same experience as everyone else," then asked him "What [do] you want [to] drink?" in sign language.

Since posting his run-in with his kind-hearted barista, it's gone viral, being shared more than 15,000 times and being shared more than 2,300. "I want hearing people [to see the] hearing community [supporting] the deaf community," Piracha said.

Read Piracha's post about his totally sweet barista in full below.

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