Betsie Van Der Meer / Getty Images

Here's What The 'i' In iPhone Stands For

It stands for five (yes, five!) different things.

It's hard to imagine an Apple product without an "i" in front of its name, but most of us have no clue what that letter actually stands for. Turns out Steve Jobs revealed the answer nearly two decades ago, when Apple first released the iMac back in 1998.

In a resurfaced video of the iMac's introduction, Jobs explains that "i" stands for Internet first and foremost.

"An iMac comes from the excitement of the marriage of the Internet with the simplicity of Macintosh," Jobs said at the event. "We are targeting this for the number one use that consumers tell us they want a computer for, which is to get on the Internet."

"'i' also means some other things to us," he continued. His presentation slide reveals four more things the "i" stands for: Individual, Instruct, Inform, and Inspire.

Now you know!

H/T Mashable