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Watch Fans Get Trolled By A Rapper Pretending To Be Future

Hard to blame 'em.

Here's the scene: You buy a ticket to see the rapper Kyle perform, and when you're there, you get an unexpected surprise: Future hits the stage.

You whip out your phone, take a video and send it to your friends -- who are suckers because they aren't at the show with you, seeing Future.

Except, then you find out after the show -- either on Twitter or because those same friends are clowning you -- that it wasn't actually Future that Kyle brought out. It was just a Future impersonator. Doing one hell of a job.

Kyle pulled this one on his fans over the weekend, in front of a 2,000 person crowd in Texas, and on Twitter he called it the "troll of the year." It's still early in 2016, but it's hard to argue against that.

While you're here, if you're not already, you should probably get familiar with Kyle -- who had a notable appearance on The Social Experiment's Surf last year, and dropped his Smyle album in October.