Disney Channel Predicted These Kids' Future Careers

OK, not exactly; it just worked out that way.

"When you follow your dreams, they can really come true." I heard that phrase for most of the 2000s growing up, but never really gave it much thought. Yeah, that's definitely not the case anymore.

Sports Dreams was a classic interstitial that ran for several years on Disney Channel. If you watched Disney anytime between 2000 and 2006, I guarantee you watched at least one of these short episodes. They aired all the time, sometimes twice during one commercial period.

Each episode lasted about two minutes and focused on kids who were achieving their athletic dreams, whether it be through motocross, diving, or hockey. But perhaps the episode I remember the most involved three brothers who were super into wakeboarding.

After magically finding the episode (bless you, Guillotine Post) I quickly learned two of the three brothers grew up to be professional wakeboarders, which, honestly, is just a really cool story.

  • Here's Phil Soven (who went by Froggy) at age 13 in Sports Dreams.
  • And here's what he looks like now.

    According to the World Wakeboard Association's caption, Phil is "the No. 1 ranked #WBWS rider and 7-time champion." FYI, WBWS stands for "Wakeboard World Series," which you can learn more about here.

    Further more, he stated he's a "5x Pro Tour Champion [and] 5x King of Wake Champ" on his Twitter bio.

  • Younger brother Bob Soven was 10 in the Disney show.
  • And he's apparently grown his hair out since then.

    In 2013, Bob was named the Alliance Rider of the Year.

  • If you're wondering about baby Soven brother Jason, he was only 5 when the episode aired.
  • And seems to have lost that bright, blonde hair.

    In an interview, Jason shared he's the Junior Boys and Boys National and World champion.

  • And if you still can't put your finger on why these guys look familiar, they were the stars of MTV's 2012 show WakeBrothers.

    The realty series starred Phil and Bob, who competed against each other in and out of the water. Polar opposites, Phil's focused nature routinely clashed with Bob's goofy and outgoing personality.

  • There was so much attitude on the show.

Phil shared this old pic of himself and Bob around the same time WakeBrothers ended.

And just look at 'em now!

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