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Hayley Williams And Chad Gilbert Had The Pop-Punk Wedding Of Yr Dreamz

Please welcome to the marital stage: Chayley!

When I went to the Alternative Press Music Awards in July 2015, I watched Hayley Williams from Paramore perform "Vicious Love" with New Found Glory, which was cool mostly because she and NFG guitarist Chad Gilbert were engaged at the time, and their onstage chemistry was admittedly very cute.

Over the weekend, Williams and Gilbert finally tied the knot after a nearly 14-month engagement, effectively making them the First Couple of pop punk in the 2010s. Their Franklin, Tennessee wedding was, as you may expect, the stuff every mallrat's marital dreams are made of.

  • Hayley wore a skirt and a T-shirt with Chad's name on it.

    NFG's label tweeted out one of the first official pics of Chayley as man and wife.

  • The cake fit their personalities.

    It was rad and included the groom in a sleeveless tux and the bride's signature orange hair.

  • And then they ate it, adorably and such.

    This is when they fed it to each other, the way young lovers do.

  • Then they had their first dance.

    This is presumably when it happened.

  • Aw. Bye.

    And then everyone in Hot Topic started crying.

Pre-marriage Chayley will live on forever in the "Vicious Love" video, because obviously.