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Kim Kardashian Wore A Coat With Her Own Face On It, As One Does

How else do you celebrate your friend's birthday?

Last night, the Kardshian crew went out to dinner for Kim's best friend's birthday. She wore a coat with her own face on it, naturally. I mean, else do you celebrate your friend appropriately — a coat with his face? No way.

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Kim's leather coat featured a painted photo of her face on the left side — on the sleeve was not her face, but, for some reason, "CHILL."

Lest you think Kim would wear a coat with one measly image of her face, I'd like to direct your attention to the other side of her coat.

Yep, on the right side are two additional faces, as well as "SLAY." Again, I don't know why.

Happy birthday, Jonathan Cheban — maybe next year Kim will wear a coat with your face on it. Probably not, though.