What Happens When You Mix Lithium And 7-Up?

Something weird and kind of icky, it turns out.

Wouldn't you love a nice tall glass of Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda? Doesn't that sound refreshing?

The funny thing is, if you've had a 7-Up, you already have -- that tongue-twister of a name was their original, thought up all the way back in 1929.

These days, 7-Up doesn't contain lithium, the lightest solid metal on the periodic table also known as a mood stabilizer and killer Nirvana song. But some scientists in England thought it would be a gas (elemental pun intended) to add it to our modern lithium-free version to see what happens.

When Periodic Videos, a YouTube channel broadcasting from Nottingham University in England, combined modern 7-Up with the element lithium, something they couldn't quite explain at first happened.

The lithium led the 7-Up through a variety of changes -- the first of which was turning it bright neon green. Follow their theory for why one of the most reactive substances on Earth reacts with soda in this way below.