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Lady Gaga Left The Marc Jacobs Show Wearing The Outfit She Modeled

Did she ask Marc's permission, or...?

Last night, as you may know, Lady Gaga walked in Marc Jacobs' New York Fashion Week show. Like the rest of the models, she hit the runway in finger curls and black lipstick. Unlike the rest of them, though, she wore her runway look off the runway. Like, straight off the runway.

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Yep, Gaga left the show with her hair and lipstick intact, as well as, uh, the brand new designs Marc Jacobs had just debuted. Obviously, Marc and Gaga are tight — he designed all of her David Bowie tribute outfits — but wouldn't it be amusing if she just, like, essentially stole a full — and yet to be released! — outfit from him? Yes. It would be.

Is Lady Gaga the most clever thief ever? She could be.