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This Tinder Line Will Make You Forever Lose Faith In Humanity

'I’m not a creep or a pervert, just a genuine guy.'

A cringeworthy pickup line paragraph from 2014 is making the rounds again on Tinder, and it's called the Apocalypse Opener. Are you ready to see it? Are you sure? Like, are you really really sure? You might vomit in your mouth a little bit.

OK, here it is in all its burning shame:

@feminist_tinder captioned the screenshot, "Does this message seem familiar to you? @jobbigtnamn sent it to me saying a few of her friends had received the same message word for word. I always google lines that seem generic and fishy, lo and behold, this one is a popular pick up artist line (pick up garbage is an online community of dirty diaper men teaching other men how to manipulate women into having sex with them. Familiarize yourself with common techniques so they can't be used on you) There's a link in my bio about some ways to spot and avoid PUAs in real life, but the best way to do it online is to send him a link to the trashy PUA site where he copy and pasted his message from. This ones actually a YouTube video ?"

The video @feminist_tinder refers to was created by vlogger Maxmilian Berger, who claims to be a "Full time Pick Up Artist in his prime" and gives advice about "how to pick up girls and become the man you've always wanted to be." The message is from a YouTube video dated July 8, 2014, titled: "How to Fuck Girls On Tinder - TEXT EXAMPLES - Max Reveals His ONE WEIRD TRICK For Easy Tinder Lays."

"Here's a little bonus thing I want to add to this whole thing. It's what I call the Apocalypse Opener," Berger says towards the end of the vid, which I will not embed in this article on principle alone. You can Google it, if you're really so inclined.

"It's basically something that [I] would not really recommend you to do in masses," Berger continues. "However, it is really cool if you're, for example, in the city and you're only there for, like, one more day and you can literally burn the whole city to the ground."

Berger even posted screenshots of the Apocalypse Opener's success:

BYE FELIPE!!!!!! ?

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