Beatriz Alvarez / YouTube

A Bus Full Of Students Was Nearly Hit By A Train Because Their Driver Was Angry At Them

The world's worst school bus driver almost got these students killed.

High school is difficult enough without having to worry about losing your life on your way there. Unfortunately for one group of teens, that's almost what happened last week.

On February 13, Houston-area student Beatriz Alvarez took video of a train passing super close to the bus she was riding with fellow students.

As the train passes, you can hear her and other Klein Oak High School students screaming at their bus driver off camera.

"[The driver] stopped in the middle of the railroad track as the train was coming and she pulled ahead a little bit more," one student said to ABC News.

The excuse the bus driver offered for the brush with death? The students were being too noisy.


In a statement, the school district said "The bus driver subsequently returned the bus to school reporting that the students were too loud for the bus to be driven safely."

Obviously, the bus driver was fired after all the details were brought to light, with one student saying "I'm happy she's gone. I don't want my friends dying."

Watch the full video (with some NSFW language, because UM TRAIN) below.