Malinda Kathleen Reese / YouTube

Adele's 'Hello' Sounds Very Different On The Other Side Of Google Translate

Not even the most heartfelt lyrics can survive the algorithm.

There’s no shortage of “Hello” covers in the world, but one YouTube singer found a way to sing the song like you’ve never heard it before.

In the latest edition of her “Google Translate Sings” series, Malinda Kathleen Reese throws Adele’s heartfelt lyrics into the garbage disposal of Google’s automatic translation service. When you translate something from English into another language and back again enough times, even the most moving poetry comes out sounding like an angry toddler who got into your iPhone notes by accident.

Reese’s cover video is set under Adele’s now-iconic green filter, of course, and has both the original lyrics and Google’s bizarre rendition captioned on screen for comparison. “There’s such a difference between us” becomes “there is a conflict between the United States,” which, while true, strays somewhat from Adele’s original message. And “hello from the other si(iiiii)de” gets transmogrified into “welcome to the party,” making this the soundtrack to the most depressing get-together in history.

The new lyrics are great on their own, but Reese’s facial expressions and comedic timing really sell the whole bit. Watch her weep from the heart of the algorithm below.