Someone Brought Their Lamb To College And Now It's Attending Seminars

Mary had a little lamb, who majored in Poli-Sci?

Some pretty weird things happen when, for eight hours (or more) a day, you're stuck in a room with 30 or so other people just... learning.

Students cope with this constant marathon of knowledge in different ways, and, as you'll see, some of those ways are just plain strange.

Reddit user dyakobian shared an image of your typical-looking college seminar class, except on the floor between a man in green and a woman in a southwest print sits a wee-little lamb.

"Someone brought their pet to class today ... and it kept staring at me," dyakobian said of the image, with no further explanation.

Since posting mere hours ago, the image has gone viral, amassing over 1.6 million views on Imgur already.

Since there's not much to go on, we have several questions:

  • Is the lamb's name Mary?
  • Is this someone's companion animal?
  • Where did they get that sick floral onesie for the lamb (you'll have to zoom in to see that one)?
  • And, especially: where can we get one? ?