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Miles Teller Is A Sly Twitter Hero, In Case You Didn't Notice

Follow Friday this guy.

There are a lot of celebs whose Twitter feeds have become required daily reading for anyone even remotely interested in maintaining pop culture awareness. You've got Kanye, who's publicly digging himself into one bizarre hole after the next. Then there's Anna Kendrick, whose entire feed is a treasure trove of quirky quip brilliance.

One of the more criminally underappreciated tweeters of our time, though, is almost birthday boy (he'll be 29 on Saturday) Miles Teller.

Granted, he's not your most prolific contributor of all time, but when he's on, he's on, and we've gotten whiplash (get it?) on more than one occasion searching for a piece of paper to jot his latest nuanced nugget down and add it to our wall of wisdom.

  1. 'Cause the man is a metaphor machine.

    It's a head scratcher of a subtext to be sure, leaving us to think about exactly what kinda covert signal he's really sending out here. Well played.

  2. And he knows how to tickle your gross-out bone pretty hard.

    You know you know what he's talking about here. And now you're going to invest in copious amounts of antibacterial hand lotion before hitting the lanes again.

  3. He likes to tap into the unearthed moments of existential crisis.

    Hey, we've all done it, but did you ever stop to think about why exactly your toes sub as fingers when you're too g-d settled into that couch to reach for the remote? I mean, really.

  4. Once in a while, he drops a giant truth bomb that shakes the whole house down.

    BRB, gotta research what was making people randy back in [year redacted, but think MC Hammer pants].

  5. His random references are always a cut above.

    It's not 100% clear here because Miles Teller, but we *think* he's giving Leonardo DiCaprio snarky ups for his Oscar-hungry persistence by way of Frank Abignale in Catch Me If You Can. Whatever it is, it made us have a chin grab moment, and that's what counts.

  6. He only asks the important questions.

    But seriously. Can we?

  7. Miles recognizes the beauty of lifehack innovations.

    This might seem like a WTF situation, but next time you're at the bar and need to pee, you'll be glad this is becoming a thing now, too.

  8. He doesn't mind being late to the party sometimes.

    Who cares if only everyone else in the known universe was already aware? When mindsplosions strike, it's only fair to share.

  9. He's one with the cheesy pun.

    Stahhppppppp. OK, don't.

  10. And let's not forget he's also self-aware when it counts.

    We all might recall Miles' media hiccups from last summer (ahem), but deep down he's still that teen who tricked out his ride to look fancy.

  11. He knows exactly how to give everyone a case of "wait WHAT."

    No, it wasn't real, but now not the time to ask questions anyway. Just enjoy the range of strange he's working here.

  12. Teller tells it like it is when it comes to the condiment conundrum.


  13. His wit even extends to the classic auto-correct quandary.

    Hadn't heard that one before, but he's completely right.

  14. He's an idea man, you guys.

    Co-signed because sports rage is real.

  15. And he can be like really sweet sometimes, too.

    Mom stuff. SOB.

  16. His throwback moments are always pretty epic.

    If you weren't around when Oregon Trail was a thing, you really did miss out on something special, kids.

  17. He's officially becoming a grumpy old man who's sitting on his porch and scoffing at millennial moxie.

    The man's not even 30 yet and already he's romanticizing the good old days. Hilarious.

  18. Finally, he knows exactly to pull a mic drop on a fatally flawed cultural expression.

    His logic really is unimpeachable here. Noted.