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Which Rapper Is J.K. Rowling's Newest, Dad Joke-Loving Friend?

Even Professor Trelawney couldn't predict this.

Passing your divination O.W.L. wouldn't help you see the unlikely friendship that's blossoming between Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and rapper Chamillionaire. Yep, that Chamillionaire. The one who sing-raps one of the most meme-able lines in recent music history: "They see me rollin', they hatin'."

When a hater tweeted not-so-nice things at Rowling Wednesday afternoon, Rowling brought out her inner Chamillionaire -- we all have one, don't kid yourself -- and responded with a bloody brilliant pun.

Chamillionaire noticed the dad joke and added his own to the mix.

Then Rowling tweeted a KISS EMOJI to Chamillionaire. 'Nuff said.

We wouldn't be opposed to a Harry Potter-themed rap, Chamillionaire. Just saying.

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