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Lady Gaga Explains Why You Should Never Expect A Clothing Line From Her

No shade?

Lady Gaga loves her some fashion. She's made a name for herself as as a style icon through her collaborations and friendships with designers and knowledge of the industry, but that doesn't mean we should be expecting a Lady Gaga collection anytime soon -- or ever, if Gaga has her way.

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While attending Brandon Maxwell's show during New York Fashion Week, Gaga told the New York Post that she'll never become a designer.

"The thing is, at the end of the day, I have a real respect for fashion designers. And it’s the reason I don’t have my own line and the reason I never will," she said. "If I ever do anything in fashion, it will always just be as a muse or as an aesthetic, creative. I like to be a part of helping artists find themselves and feel good about who they are. I would never for a second claim to be proficient in fashion design [just] because I know good looks."

While that may be a bummer for all the little monsters, there's no doubt Gaga will maintain her residency as a fashion insider -- just not one who designs clothes. Do we sense a little shade at a certain Mr. West?