#TBT: Coach Finstock Makes His Grand Teen Wolf Return

Go ahead, you can call him 'Cupcake.' He likes that.

This throwback Thursday gem is hereby dedicated to Cupcake Coach Bobby Finstock, a Teen Wolf fan favorite who made his triumphant return to the show on Tuesday — even if that comeback turns out to be short-lived. (Time will tell if Finstock is little more than a Season 5 one-episode wonder.)

Let us recap: The king of pithy one-liners — "Do you think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?" — was regaled to a rehab center after apparently falling off the wagon amid 15 years of sobriety. Nevertheless, we had a feeling it would take more than five too many shots of whiskey to keep Greenberg's nemesis down:

Memories, eh?

The lacrosse coach has taken an arrow to the stomach, lost a testicle to frigid temps, battled a mysterious virus and dealt with Sciles' supernatural antics for the better part of three years, so it wasn't too surprising when he admitted to purposefully relapsing in order to prolong his staycation at Stepping Stones.

Scott and Stiles had other plans though (shocker), and they quickly convinced Coach to forfeit the upcoming game in order to halt La Bête's frequency-induced transformation. HA! Joke's on Sciles — Coach never forfeits a game. And since when has the BHHS staffer ever not disrupted Scott & Co.'s world-saving plans?

Hey, you gotta appreciate the man's dedication. Btw, Orny Adams isn't the only Teen Wolf oldie-but-goodie returning this season. Don't forget — Crystal Reed's highly anticipated episode airs this Tuesday at 9/8c!