Saoirse Ronan Plays A Victim Of Domestic Abuse In Hozier’s ‘Cherry Wine’ Video

It's subtle, but it'll get under your skin.

Hozier is no stranger to stirring music video narratives. In 2014, he made waves with the intense clip for “Take Me to Church,” which depicted homophobic hate crimes against a gay couple. Now, the Irish singer-songwriter is tackling the equally serious issue of domestic abuse with his video for “Cherry Wine.”

Oscar-nominated Brooklyn actress Saoirse Ronan stars as a woman who appears to be in a loving relationship with a man played by actor Moe Dunford. Interspersed throughout clips of them kissing and smiling, however, is footage of Ronan sitting in front of a mirror and taking off her makeup. She begins crying as she cleans her face, eventually revealing a badly bruised eye.

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