A Seemingly Simple Brain Teaser Is Driving Everyone Bananas (And Coconuts And Apples)

The answer is definitely not 'fruit salad.'

It's often the simple things that cause the most mind-bending confusion. Take this riddle, for instance.

On January 30, Facebook user Lisa Woelke innocently shared a brain teaser on her Facebook involving what some people are calling "fruit algebra."

Since then, the puzzle been liked over half a million times, shared a little over 158,000 times, and a staggering 2.5 million people have commented on it, most of them arguing over the answer.

Why? Because it looks really simple, but isn't at all:

What do you think the answer is? Scroll past a few GIFs of animals enjoying the very fruit that's causing the Internet so much mental anguish, and I'll let you know.


Just so we're all on the same page, most people can figure out that apples equal 10, banana clusters equal 4, and two halves of a coconut equals 2.

So, if you think the answer is 16, you would be wrong. If you were a bit more perceptive, you may have noticed that the last equation only features half a coconut, and (like me) quickly guessed 15. You (and I) would also be wrong.

That's because the cluster in the last image is missing one banana, making it worth 3 in the last equation. Meaning ~*the answer*~ is 14. Ain't life bananas? ?


H/T BuzzFeed