It’s Time To Bey-lieve In America: Beyoncé For President In 2016

Who Run the World?

Fresh off Super Tuesday — and the release of “Formation” — it is now clear that Beyoncé is ripe for the office of president. Seeing as she is probably the single most influential and universally beloved figure in the history of modern public celebrity, and that the presidential primaries have defaulted to a popularity contest, it’s a no-brainer. Let’s stop pretending we’ll settle for this world tour and get to some serious canvassing. We are, finally, ready for this jelly. It’s time to Bey-lieve. Let’s fantasize our future:

Upgrade U (and Everyone Else in Congress)

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Imagine it, world: She wakes up Congress. Posts up Congress. Forget dialogue: Beyoncé is the only thing that Congress would unanimously vote to support. Get her in a room with a caucus, and the windows would steam up from the humidifying effect that her fire would have on their tears. Bills would be passed with this head nod. Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid would bow to these moves. In a dream scenario, Jeb Bush would speak only when spoken to, and Ted Cruz would have to provide a daily birth certificate to prove that he did, in fact, wake up like this. There would be a second July 4th celebration on 7/11. Filibusters would involve neon Lycra pantsuits and countless hours of dancers undulating in pyramid formation. People would actually watch the State of the Union, and the income generated from advertising during C-SPAN’s period of sky-high ratings would quintuple the value of the legislature’s next stimulus package. Sit down, Paul Ryan: The Queen is speaking.

Environmental Issues

She harnesses Earth’s energy frequently, often to the advantage of charitable organizations, tiny children, and small dogs. Her hair is perpetually windblown in what is, no doubt, a subtle nod toward the power of wind technology. The project for Improved Environmental Coverage reports — literally — that people care more about Beyoncé than they do about the environment, likely because Beyoncé is the greatest natural resource this country has to offer. “It is hard to argue that ‘Beyoncé’ warrants 92 times more mentions than ‘deforestation’ on network TV news programs,” the group concludes, “given the important role forests play as our planet’s lungs.” Yeah, but you try breathing in a world without Beyoncé.

The National Debt


Beyoncé made just over $100 million on her most recent world tour, and right now the U.S. national debt tops out at around $18 trillion. Solution: Have Beyoncé perform in every country she’ll already be visiting as the elected leader of the free world. If she’s going there regardless, we can just monetize this shit and pay China to stop buying the shattered remains of the U.S. economy, which, let’s be honest, would be even more shattered if not for the healthy spike in revenue that it already gets from Beyoncé’s quarterly album sales.


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