The Love Story Behind This Couple's Garden Is A Movie Waiting To Happen

When Mrs. Kuroki went blind, Mr. Kuroki gave her the most priceless gift.

When Mrs. Kuroki lost her eyesight as a result of her diabetes, she lost her spirit and stopped going outside as often. Her husband, Mr. Kuroki, was having none of this. To cheer her up, he spent a whopping two years planting literally thousands of colorful flowers -- pink shibazakura flowers, to be exact -- on their dairy farm in Japan. The two have been married since 1956.

The garden's scent encouraged Mrs. Kuroki to spend more time outside despite her blindness, and now thousands of tourists -- up to 7,000 people per day -- visit the farm to take in the sights and meet the couple who started it all.

As for Mrs. Kuroki, she's now all smiles thanks to her husband's hard work and dedication. This sweet love story is a movie and/or book waiting to happen. (Nicholas Sparks, take note.)

Watch a full video of the garden below.

H/T Bored Panda