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Here's What Kanye West Has Really Been Trying To Tell Us In His Tweets

The true meaning of Yeezy's tweets has been revealed.

Trying to predict what Kanye West will do next is like trying to herd a horde cats in heat. You just never know what's going to happen, and in many ways, that's what makes 'Ye one of the most exciting artists of his generation.

In recent weeks he's been tweeting up a storm, sharing his hot takes with his 19 million followers at a breakneck pace. One minute he's telling the world he's $53 million in personal debt, and the next he's asking Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars in "Kanye West ideas" before moving on to address the skyrocketing price of education in America. But is there a secret method to his madness? A reason for his sudden, impassioned outbursts?

The Internet has managed to go all Da Vinci Code on Kanye's Twitter account and decipher the real meaning behind those tweets.

"I Am Lord Voldemort." Whoa.

OK, so maybe Kanye didn't actually make an acrostic of "I Am Lord Voldemort" on Twitter. While these are Yeezy's real tweets, they're not in the standard reverse-chronology we've come to expect on Twitter, which means some clever troll muggle reorganized the tweets to spell it out.

But it is a magical coincidence.

After all, before he transformed into the Dark Lord, Tom Riddle was just a misunderstood, troubled young wizard who liked to abuse his wizarding powers. 'Ye can probably relate to that. Not to mention, Kanye is totally a Slytherin.

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