'Awkward' Trailer: The One-Year Time Hop Has Brought Babies, Ex-Boyfriends And More

Watch the brand-new clip now!

A lesson worth learning: When you fly the coop, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever completely find your way back.

Next month, “Awkward” will return with brand-new episodes that find Jenna, Sadie and Palos Hills’ most recent exports headed home after completion of their freshmen years of college (save for Jake, who’s been perfecting his role as hometown hero/Brian Flanagan-worthy bartender). And in the trailer below, between the summer months’ requisite beach trips and barbecues, there’s a whole new world to unpack.

First, a newly nose-ringed Jenna, whose changed relationship with Matty has left the group perplexed, will encounter some more immediate fish to fry: Her ex-boyfriend Luke has decided to drop in on her summer fellowship. And while Jenna’s away at work, Matty will be home perfecting his more domestic skills with…a baby?! If that’s not Jenna’s new sibling, the soccer standout has definitely got some explaining to do…

And though Jenna’s always been Tamara’s shoulder to lean on, it seems tandem adventures in New York have brought former enemies T and Sadie closer together. In the video, Sadie insists it’s time for the former high school class president to cut the tether to her former identity and buckle into a new ride.

“Forget about that life and those losers, and start living this one,” Sadie says bluntly. Well, maybe everyone hasn’t changed…

Watch the trailer for the next installment of “Awkward” episodes above, and be sure to check out this story’s next chapter on March 15 at 10/9c!