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Watch A New Mini-Doc Featuring Kendrick Lamar, His High School Teachers, And Friends

Kendrick takes you to Compton.

We've consistently heard stories of Kendrick Lamar's native Compton -- the people, places, and character of the city -- in the rapper's music. Now, in Vice's "NOISEY Bompton: Growing up with Kendrick Lamar," fans have a chance to meet some of those influences.

In the clip, we get to know Kendrick's high school English teacher, the principal of the high school, Centennial, as well as one of K. Dot's oldest friends, Lil L, who he's known since fourth grade.

Plus, there's a sitdown with Kendrick himself, who talks about growing up in Compton, losing friends and begrudgingly confirms that he donated money to his alma mater. "That was nothing I wanted to put out in the papers," he says, unsurprisingly. "I just wanted to do it."

The next episode of NOISEY Bompton is set to drop next Tuesday.