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Kim Kardsahian's Secret To Perfect Cleavage Sounds Very Painful

I mean, how badly do you want cleavage??

I am thankful for Kim Kardashian's app on a daily basis, but no more than today, when she revealed the secret behind her cleavage. No, it's not genetics. Nope, not a push-up bra like Kylie's. Ready? OK. It's tape.

NO, REALLY. She has the photos to prove it.

Yes, this is what it looks like under Kim Kardashian's red carpet dresses. You may be thinking that the tape in the photo looks like masking tape and that couldn't possibly be what she's used to cover her skin, but you'd be wrong — she's used masking tape, duct tape, and packing tape all in the name of perfect cleav. The best tape for this, though, according to Kim, is gaffer's tape because "it sticks the best!"

It is not, however, the easiest to remove. She writes, "Just brace yourself for when it's time to take it off LOL." I'm not sure I would describe anything about this situation as "LOL," but, uh, I guess I don't appreciate great cleavage like Kim Kardashian? If you do, now you know the trick.

??? CONGRATS ???