Was Meeting Kimye This Week's 'Greatest Party Story Ever'?

Or did a (stressful) fan encounter with Taylor Swift earn the top mention?

It's always a good and/or raucous time on "Greatest Party Story Ever" -- especially when there's two installments of tales.

During tonight's special double episode, everyday folks recounted some unforgettable experiences -- you know, like bonding with Kimye after the rapper's concert or having the lucky fortune of meeting Taylor Swift at a meet-and-greet even though you weren't a super-fan in the first place. There was also your average dose of bashes gone awry (a special mention for the ex-girlfriends shindig), having a random (but fantastic) hookup (and it was with a famous person to boot!) and one guy having the misfortune of six friends peeing on him after a night of debauchery. Nope, we're totally serious about that last one...

But which anecdote earns this week's highly covered No.1 spot? Refresh your memory below, share your faves in the comments and be sure to keep watching "Greatest Party Story Ever" on Thursdays at 10:30/9:30c!

  • Thor Saved My Life

    Let's just day this sick day sucked: The storyteller was at home with a cold and when he woke up from a nap, he found three men in his home. He reacted quickly and left the premises -- but he was only wearing his underwear and had no phone. Fortunately, his Thor-lookalike neighbor came to the rescue (with golf clubs!) and helped nab the crooks.

  • My Night with Taylor

    The narrator innocently entered a Taylor Swift event and wound up getting selected to spend time with the pop star. Minor problem: He wasn't a complete super-fan like the rest of the gals at the once-in-a-lifetime shindig -- and he was terrified he would be discovered. Turns out, he actually had a great time with T. Swift, and the duo even danced together.

  • Strangers on a Train

    You never know who you might become acquainted with on public transportation -- and our humorous lady met a handsome "surfer man" on the Long Island Railroad and wound up back at his place. When she went to Google him later, she realized that she had "banged a famous guy."

  • Crashing the Runway

    Showing up in a custom-made ensemble at a New York Fashion Show -- and making it on the runway -- is a truly unique feat. Even better when a "confidence cookie" gives you the courage to strut your stuff in front of everyone.

  • Ex-girlfriend Party

    When your friends encourage you to have a birthday bash and only invite your ex-girlfriends, politely tell them no. Too bad our protagonist made the wrong choice and had a terribly awkward evening -- capped by his then-ladylove showing up unexpectedly and (rightfully) losing her s**t when she saw all of the guests.

  • Legend of the Fall

    This then-high school student's first house party ended with an unforgettable shake-up -- specifically, the abode's deck giving out, sending all of the attendees crashing to the ground.

  • The Pee Ninja

    In short, our main man got so drunk at a party that his SIX friends peed on him. But he was out for revenge -- and one by one, he managed to get urine all over the aforementioned amigos.

  • Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe

    It's difficult enough when a random person takes your pre-ordered car (after a long, drunken night) and delays your ride home. Even worse, when she resists getting out and insists that she will curse the vehicle because she's a witch.

  • Moon Shined

    If consumed in excess, moonshine can make you do crazy things. Like, when you're at a friend's place (right before your graduation ceremony) and you think you can jump into a pool from an upstairs window -- but wind up slamming into a screen door and a bunch of tree branches. Oh, and then stripping naked, getting into a bath and finding yourself in the basement the next morning. Good thing this guy was able to actually attend the educational milestone right after the ordeal.

  • Americano Stupido

    A word to the wise: Don't leap into a lagoon when it's dark out, because you don't know what might be in the waters. In the case of our pal, who was vacationing with some friends in Cancun, it was a bunch of crocodiles -- and the end result was not pretty (gashes and cuts galore).

  • Kimye

    It pays off when you consistently tweet your idol Kim Kardashian West -- even better when you're at a Kanye West concert. Why? The E! star just MIGHT invite you to her VIP seats AND introduce you to her rapper hubby backstage -- and that's exactly what happened for this Kim enthusiast featured in the video above.

  • Bearly Legal

    This camp counselor tried to woo a fellow co-worker during an evening stroll. But when she said she had to go to the bathroom and didn't return, things got a bit un-bear-ible (pun intended). Yup, our guy encountered a bear in the woods and (thankfully) he emerged unscathed.