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Can You Spot The Mom In This Pic? Because Literally Everyone Else Can

'Are they sisters or mother and daughter? We can't tell!'

You can always count on the Internet to be brutally honest with you. This Morning, a talk show on U.K. channel ITV, learned this lesson the hard way on Monday. Inspired by the below photo that went viral in January, Morning set out to create its own mind-bending family puzzle. (The one on the left is the mom, BTW.)

The show recruited 33-year-old mom Donna Galt and her daughter, Mya, for its segment, claiming, "They are always getting mistaken for sisters!"

"Are they sisters or mother and daughter? We can't tell!" Morning asked its viewers. Take a look at the pic below.

The viewers quickly responded with a resounding, "WE CAN."

H/T Mashable