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Big Sean Tells Us How He's Helping The People Of Flint

Plus, he previews some new music.

With reporting by Gaby Wilson

Last month, Big Sean donated $10,000 and launched a crowdfunding campaign to help those affected by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The amount that he's raised has since ballooned, and he's still brainstorming more ways to help.

"The Sean Anderson Foundation raised almost $100,000 so far for the kids," he told MTV News on the red carpet before the Grammys on Monday night when asked about the crisis in the city just an hour drive from his native Detroit.

It was recently revealed that the water flowing to the city had been contaminated with lead for over, resulting in, as Sean mentioned, potentially irreversible damage for some. The city declared a state of emergency in January.

"I was on the phone with [filmmaker and Flint native] Michael Moore the other day, and he was telling me how proud he was of that. Me and him are figuring out ways that we could collab on something for the city, for the people of Flint. Because those kids got irreversible brain damage, most of them. That lead poisoning, you can't get rid of. We're figuring out ways we can help them, more than just aiding them with water, but aiding them with seeking the proper health care, the proper doctors, the proper treatment."

Sean also gave us a bite-sized taste of what he has in store with his new music.

"Congrats to Diplo and Skrillex," he said, after finding out they had won a Grammy. "Them my dogs. We were just working in the studio a couple weeks ago. They deserve that. We got some crazy stuff on the way. I'm pretty sure we'll all be back here next year."