Geeked Up: Riding In A Post-‘Formation’ World

Charles Aaron reflects on Rihanna, Lucinda, PJ, and life-or-death seduction.

The title of this column is a challenge and an aspiration (and a cheeky drug reference!). Three Tuesdays a month, I’ll write about songs, albums, videos, shows, films, books, et al., that have pushed me to the verge, or ledge, of screaming, shaking, sweating, exulting, weeping, reeling, or staring in disbelief. Hopefully, whatever’s scribbled here will come close to matching those feelings of oh-holy-shitness. So, in that spirit, the initial column is inspired by 2016’s most fabulously fist-clenched tableau, Beyoncé’s “Formation” video, and will spotlight women who are making bold, defiant moves, overtly politicized and not, allowing us see the world in a singular way. Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.

Dilly Dally, “Know Yourself” (Drake cover)
Lurching from a brooding ember to an unholy blast furnace, this Toronto band led by singer-guitarist Katie Monks and guitarist Liz Ball jacks its hometown hero’s hit and gives it a bleary, disruptive inevitability — like the band members’ entire lives were destined to reach this exact moment. When Monks shreds her voice to howl “running through the 6 with my whoooaaaaaassssss!,” she turns Drizzy’s crew-love ride out into a blood-curdling cri de coeur.

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