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Taylor Swift, Beyonce, And President Obama Deliver Grade A Shade On This Glorious Instagram

The shaaaaade of it all.

Urban Dictionary defines "shade" as "acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend," but shade is so much more than that. First of all, shade doesn't need to be delivered to a friend, and it also takes a lot of cleverness and approximately ~*0 fucks*~ to deliver the kind of sly insult that shade truly is.

The Archive of Shade (aka The Art of Shade) is an Instagram account that has taken on the honorable task of collecting the shadiest moments to ever happen in celebrity life, movies, politics, and even some cartoons.

From Chrissy Teigen explaining what she really thinks about a certain controversial rapper to President Obama shading his political haters, The Archive of Shade is really just doing God's work. ?

See 22 examples of delicious, nutritious shade below.

  1. Grammy-Winning Shade
  2. Cartoon Aardvark Shade

    Arthur appears on The Archive of Shade a lot. Who knew cartoon children could be so shady?

  3. Automatic Window Shade

    Rihanna, bless you.

  4. Beyonce vs. Lady Gaga Shade
  5. More Glorious Beyonce Shade

    This time, mid-performance.

  6. I Love Lucy Shade

    Lucy Ricardo, vintage shade #qween.

  7. Presidential Shade
  8. "Eminem Is A Candy, Right?" Shade
  9. Steve Harvey Shade, care of Miss Universe


  10. Shoulder Pad Shade

    Dynasty, FTW.

  11. Lord Disick Shade, just for Kim Kardashian
  12. Vintage Shade


  13. Vintage Shade, Part Duex
  14. Feel The Bern Shade
  15. Madonna, Shade-Thrower Extraordinaire
  16. Rock Star Shade
  17. Geriatric Shade
  18. Shade From Our Sister Channel, VH1
  19. Drag Queen Shade
  20. All The Shade That's Fit To Print
  21. Red Carpet Shade

    Gotta love Chrissy Teigen.

  22. And finally, Historic Shade

    The definition, delivered by drag queen Dorian Corey, is from Paris Is Burning, a historic movie about drag queen culture in the early '90s. If you want to know what shade is, go to the source of the term. ?

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