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A Fake Proposal Is Perhaps The Cruelest Joke To Play On Your Bae On Valentine's Day

What. A. Jerk.

I have a male friend who's a pretty great catch. He not only owns his own highly successful culinary company, but at 35, he works for and has stock in another multi-billion dollar corporation. He can cook really well -- and he's built a little bit like a navy man in a 1950s movie, too.

Why am I telling you about this man? Because my friend is currently single, and, meanwhile, there's a huge jackass in Europe somewhere that has a girlfriend who's remained with him after a particularly cruel Valentine's Day stunt he pulled.

Brad's Dad is the nom-de-internet of Brad Holmes, a man whose online presence seems to be devoted to sharing videos of his foul-mouthed father waxing poetic on life (awesome) and intense jokes played on his unsuspecting girlfriend Jenna (not-so-awesome.)

For Holmes' latest trick, he decided to pretend he was going to pop the big question to his girlfriend, then instead ask for a cup of tea instead of her hand in marriage at the last second. Homie did this on Valentines Day. On Valentine's Day! #uncool

People seemingly can't get enough of this fake proposal, and in only one day, Holmes' one-way ticket to the doghouse has racked up over 11 million views, and judging by the comments, most of those are hate-watches:

(If you don't know what the word "bollox" means, it means what you think it means.)

Watch the full prank below.