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Watch Exes Trade Phones To Find Out Who They've Been Sexting

One brave dude even sends a sexy text to his ex's new BF.

If you think about it, our smartphones know more about us than our closest friends. We store passwords, surf the web, and text everyone from our family to our ?lovahs? on our devices, and for that reason, we password protect the hell out of 'em.

So with that in mind, would you ever just hand your phone, right now, to your ex?

Elite Daily assembled 10 brave people to trade phones with their exes and allow them free reign over the devices they hold most dear. While some have fun with the experience, most of them are just reminded of why they broke up in the first place.

"Paulie, Erica, Kailia, Mariah, Chelsea, Veronica, Tiana, Satin ... we haven't even gotten halfway down the list yet," said Danielle, one of the participants in the video about the women her ex Chris has been sexting. (FYI, they parted over his wandering eye and infidelity. Apparently he's been busy since they broke up.) ?

When asked if they would ever get back together, Danielle says "There's no way we're getting back together," but Chris replies that he thinks "it's a possibility." Danielle pipes up right away to that with a "No ... we are not getting back together."

Chris: you should probably move on with Paulie, Erica, Kailia, or any of the other women you've been texting, man.

Watch the full video below.