11 Things We NEED To See If There’s A My Date With The President’s Daughter Sequel

For starters, where's that cool ring?

Disney’s hit rom-com My Date with the President’s Daughter turns 18 this year, and it’s about time we start talking about a sequel. Starring Boy Meets World actor Will Friedle and CSI actress Elisabeth Harnois, the two made one adorkable couple that only came to be thanks to a chance encounter in a mall.

After Duncan Fletcher (Friedle) asks Hallie Richmond (Harnois) out on a date ā€” not knowing she’s actually the President’s daughter ā€” the pair find themselves running wild in Washington, DC, dodging secret service agents, spending tons of money on clothes, and fighting off bully Steve Ellinger (Grant Nickalls).

On Friday (February 12), Friedle admitted to People’s Choice he’s given thought to doing a sequel of some sort. “If someone comes up with a great story for a second My Date With The President’s Daughter, of course Iā€™d be interested in doing it, it was a wonderful experience.”

He even had suggestions for routes the sequel could take, including having Duncan’s son dive into the dating world. And while talk of a sequel is only speculation, we came up with a list of must-sees for Disney to keep in mind for the future.

  1. For starters, Friedle needs his long locks back.

  2. And Harnois should rock that pink dress again.

  3. If Duncan and Hallie do get married, can this ring somehow be involved?

  4. And Duncan rocks this helmet?

  5. There should be some kind of Halloween scene, and Duncan and Hallie go as the robbers “in disguise.”


    And if Friedle could say the line, “Babe, you look so hot in that paper bag,” it’d be much appreciated.

  6. Duncan is a professional magician.

  7. And this guy is his assistant when they go on tour.

  8. Reid, “the Vice President’s spawn,” makes a comeback…


    …but he’s less of a slimeball and treats women with more respect.

  9. For some bizarre reason, George Richmond (Dabney Coleman) is still President of the United States.


    Eh, logistics, smogistics.

  10. Hallie redoes this epic hair flip.

  11. And Friedle and Harnois recreate this iconic poster.


    But maybe their kid is standing in the background instead?

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