'Teen Mom OG' Reconciliation: Should Farrah And Simon Give Their Relationship Another Try?

The former couple reunited during this week's episode, but their status isn't completely clear.

Farrah and Simon have experienced some wonderful highs (the young mother introducing her then-boyfriend to her little girl Sophia) and some difficult lows (exchanging some harsh words while contemplating the future of their relationship during the beginning of this season). And the duo -- who we last saw bickering at a tense dinner several weeks back -- reunited during this week's "Teen Mom OG" episode: The former couple was on track to rekindling their romance and beginning their lives together again. But should the two give their love connection another go?

The road to a possible reconciliation started when the MTV cast member returned home after a business trip overseas and began speaking again with her past partner. And when Farrah told her mini-me about her communication with her ex -- and his upcoming visit to the Lone Star State -- the sassy first grader responded that her mother should marry the San Diego-based businessman.

Shortly after Simon arrived at Farrah's home, everything between the two seemed incredibly positive.

"I'm happy you got to come out," the young mother said affectionately.

While Sophia was delighted to have her mama's friend around -- she even gave the Californian a rose to offer up to her mother as a nice gesture -- Farrah's mom Debra voiced her worries about dating again to Simon directly (as seen in the video above). More specifically, she mentioned how much he resembled Farrah's father (and her ex-husband) Michael, Simon's passive-aggressive behavior and how her daughter deserves "the very best."

And while Simon made it clear that he wanted the very same for Farrah, the duo's fate was not completely clear at the conclusion of this installment (you can view a deleted scene of Simon and Farrah chatting after his conversation with Debra, above). There's no hiding their chemistry and deep affection, and being separated proved to be hard on both of them. So can the former sweethearts start over and allow their love to blossom again? Or will their past issues -- Farrah's need for a commitment and Simon's difficultly at expressing his feelings -- bubble back up to the surface?

Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to catch the two-hour "Teen Mom OG" finale on Monday starting at 10/9c.